The Virtual COO for Visionaries

On-demand Business Operations & Project Leadership Expertise 

I clear the way for visionaries to bring their ideas into reality. 

The administrative reality of running a business can quickly suck up all of your energy and momentum. Founders often find themselves behind a desk spinning their wheels, rather than growing their business and making an impact.

Ready to scale with a trusted right hand?

Are you in the gap?    

Your business has enormous potential, but you're working 50+ hours a week to keep it going with no end in sight. Each new opportunity requires another slice of time you don't have, but you certainly don't require or have the budget for a full-time, experienced operating director.

You're spending more of your time doing necessary but evil tasks that don't impact your bottom line, while less and less of your time is dedicated to what you do best. You've tried to hire help, but this has only shifted your burdens the HR nightmare of hiring, training, management, and constant turnover.

This is the gap. You've created a job for yourself, but now it's time to make the leap to a profitable business you love.  

Why a Virtual COO?  

As a Chief Operating Officer, I have hands-on experience in a traditional c-suite environment at the helm of a $7M organization. On the other end of the spectrum, I've served as an interim startup CEO with an initial budget of less than $300K.

I bridge the gap, delivering dependable expertise on demand - only when you need it. I have a strong track record supporting small ventures across industries and I've had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented visionaries.


I am passionate about lean, resilient business models. Small teams and low overhead equate to adaptability and rapid implementation...given the right attention, infrastructure, and support.

Virtual COO Support

I deliver a reliable and efficient suite of services on-demand for select clients long-term: 

  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management & Execution
  • Day-to-day Operations
  • Budgeting and Financial Projections
  • Online Marketing Implementation
  • Compliance & Risk Management

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Targeted Project Packages

Event Planning & Execution

I have a strong team and can make your event headache-free. With more than a decade of experience in event coordination from fundraising to brand launches, we can take care of all the details. Schedule a Free Consultation below for a quote.

Tag Team Brand Positioning + Execution Strategy

I team up with my colleague Andrea Hale to offer this package. Why? Because nearly all of my clients need to establish an authentic brand strategy and nearly all of her clients need implementation support. Email me directly to set up a tag team consultation.

Strategic Meeting & Retreat Facilitation 

I specialize in helping businesses get the most out of limited time with high level teams, such as boards and executive leadership. From effective planning to strategic facilitation to the clear post-event action plan, get the results you need without wasting time. Schedule a Free Consultation below for a quote or email me your event details.

Listbuilding + Sales Funnel Jumpstart - $1,500

Ready to grow and monetize an online platform? Grow your list and turn leads into customers. This package includes a 90-minute strategic planning session, branded infoproduct, landing page, email marketing + CRM integration set-up, welcome nurture series promoting your paid upsell, and 90-minute training session so that you're ready to build from this foundation.  

Startup Proof of Concept - $2,500

This is a lean, rapid launch for new online businesses. Get your idea out to market quickly and with a limited investment. Includes a 90-minute strategic planning session, branding package (logo, product graphic, brand style guide), e-commerce website, opt-in funnel, sales funnel, email marketing + CRM integration set-up, and establishing your social media platform.  

Why Invest in High Level Expertise?

You're worried about turning over the reigns and sacrificing results.

You're tired of hiring and training assistants or managers only to lose them in a few months with little or no notice. 

You've hired consultants with big promises, only to get a lot of blanket advice at a high price. 

More than anything, you understand the value of a partner you can trust to take care of your business like it was their own.   

I have competence across a variety of software platforms, including: 


Emily Capito is shockingly incisive and insightful. She’s a rare combination of keen business acumen and an evidently high IQ graced by profound social intelligence. She instantly saw connections, pitfalls and loopholes in my almost-30-year-old corporation that colleagues and peers who have worked in my industry their whole lives fail to grasp. She popped open my mind to new possibilities! Emily is a brilliant, gifted business consultant.
— Wendy Keller, Keller Media
I trust Emily to be my right hand. As my virtual team lead for more than two years, Emily coordinates efforts on a variety of projects, from day-to-day content management, analytics reporting and interview coordination to complex product launches. Emily has the ability to translate a bigger vision into a clear action plan and organize deliverables to achieve results.
— Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D.
Emily has seemingly endless optimism that matches her determination to deftly accomplish any task at hand, while remaining focused on long-term goals as she accomplishes complex and demanding projects. She utilizes her keen foresight to navigate through even some of the most daunting tasks. Always available and effectively responsive, she is a natural leader. She balances her brilliance and tenacity with a gracious and professional personality, which is simply a winning and rare combination.
— Susie Wiet, M.D.
After working with Emily during the past year, I can share that she is easily in the top 5% of all people I have ever worked with during my 30 years of global business experience. Emily has an uncanny ability to anticipate problems and swiftly develop viable solutions. She is a superb project manager able to track multiple tasks down to the finest details. But beyond her expertise is solid ethical and character underpinning. I highly recommend her.
— Judy Robinett, Angel Investor & Author, How to Be a Power Connector
There are few business consultants out there worth a dime. Most are all talk - I know from personal experience from more than nine years in the industry. I have worked with Emily for the past four years. She delivers big picture project leadership combined with excellent day-to-day management to every project we work on!

Emily proves her value out of the gate with immediate, tangible results and can manage projects and contractors across industries and temperaments. She adds value with knowledge of the systems and software that my clients and I work with on daily basis, and has added tremendous value by reviewing and adjusting sales copy, website pages and content.
— Andrea Hale, Brand Positioning Expert,
Emily quickly transformed our goals and financial projections into a professional budget and strategic plan with the flexibility to adapt to our actual results going forward. She approached the project with a constant eye to internal capacity, rather than dependence on outside expertise.
— Machiel Klerk, Founder & President, Jung Society of Utah
Right when I needed a lifeline, along came Emily Capito. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of nonprofits, her experience in both private and government sectors, and her innovative strategy…I am successfully fulfilling my new role. I cannot strongly emphasize enough how invaluable her hands-on training, insightful coaching, and enduring support have meant to me and my ability to excel in my new surroundings.
— Kim Barber, Executive
Emily approaches every task with an impressive degree of diligence and earnestness. She is one of the most responsive people with whom I have worked and I can count on her for follow-through 100% of the time. She is energetic and intelligent and can be counted on for genuine input.
— Don Coleman, MBA
You definitely reinforced some of the ideas that we already had and, more importantly, you gave us some new ways to look at our business and its growth in the coming year.
— Kimberly Grob, Co-founder, Write-On Network
We appreciated Emily’s facilitating services, thoroughness, and efficiency.
— David Fitzsimmons, Board Chair, Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake


I cut my teeth as the COO of a $7M organization with 150+ employees where I oversaw eleven profit centers, human resources, organizational development, outcomes, financial strategy, government and private contracting, and fundraising.

I have the unique ability to capture the bigger vision while implementing a plan that empowers your team to deliver on the smallest details. My approach emphasizes practical and rapid project implementation while building a foundation for streamlined day-to-day operations and scalable growth.

I led a team of three to overhaul an outdated healthcare organization to attain Joint Commission accreditation across seven facilities in a single year under budget.

I spearheaded the development of an integrated addiction primary care clinic and was recognized with an invitation to a private roundtable hosted by the National Council and the SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions in Chicago.

I've raised more than a million in private grants and donations for nonprofit causes.

I served as an transitionary startup CEO to lend critical leadership support while stabilizing operations and revenue. 

I've had the opportunity to work with best selling authors, world-renowned doctors, philanthropic groups, angel investors, educational institutions, industry organizations, artists, and many other types of businesses and nonprofits.  

You are the expert in serving your customers. I am the expert in delivering an efficient, streamlined, and highly effective behind-the-scenes operation, so that you can do what you do best. 

I earned my master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah in 2007. I went on to obtain a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix in 2011. 

I am grateful to work with passionate and diverse visionaries every day to achieve extraordinary results. Are you ready to take your business to that next level? 

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