The Keys to Superconnecting


Nothing happens without people and unbelievable feats occur when a tribe pools their resources. Successfully building and navigating relationships is key to achieving extraordinary goals, both personally and in business. If you missed Judy Robinett's webinar on building relationships to build business on Thursday, you missed out on some gems. Robinett has spent years breaking down what she does naturally into a proven formula that anyone can use to build valuable relationships.

The steps are deceptively simple, but just like adding yeast to a few basic ingredients transforms them into a much greater result, Robinett's recipe for relationships will multiply your outcomes.

Confront your Fears

What's holding you back from starting those critical first conversations? Your assumptions are almost guaranteed to be wrong.

  • Shy? You don't need to be a gregarious extrovert, you simply need to engage. Focus on the other person.
  • Stranger Danger: The distance between a stranger and a friend or a mentor can be crossed with genuine conversation.
  • Lacking a Harvard degree in a room of brilliant people? No pedigree or silver spoon is required. Your experiences give you unique knowledge.

Four Prerequisites

You don't need a pedigree or a huge personality, but you must develop these areas in order to develop strong relationships:

  1. Become an amazing listener. Remember the details. Ask thoughtful questions. Start with a goal of learning about them, rather than trying to find commonality. This will come naturally.
  2. Be genuine. Like bloodhounds, there is a sensation that creates distance when you encounter someone who is  hiding something. Be you, regardless of whether you feel insecure.
  3. Don't rush it. Robinett compares networking to dating. You need to work up to the ask and then court for a period of time. The first conversation is not the time to ask for more than advice.
  4. Be value-driven. Be passionate about these cornerstones that guide your life. Integrity, accountability, and empathy will attract the right people to you.

Three Golden Questions

Don't try to make them yours right off. Try them out just as they are and experience the magic:

  1. How can I help you?
  2. What other ideas do you have for me?
  3. Who else do  you know that I should talk to?

Nurturing relationships is a marathon, not a series of sprints or hurdles. Your focus needs to be on quality, not quantity. Target the right groups and focus in on a few key people rather than trying to get your business card into the hands of every person present.

Attempting success alone places a very real ceiling on your potential. The people that are available to you hold the keys to connections, information, money, and opportunity. What do you have to lose?

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