Why your mission needs business partners


The first resource to be released through this blog is a guide to Partnering for Multiplied Impact. There are a variety of topics that could have been tackled instead (and are coming up), including empowering a change leadership team, grassroots problem solving, creating a strategic 5-year vision, and much more. This initial guide focuses on non-profit and business partnerships for a reason:

For most mission-driven organizations, a strong business partner has the potential to multiply impact faster than nearly anything else.

Just a few of the potential benefits business partnerships can bring to your mission:

  • Access to expensive expertise targeted to your gaps, such as advertising, architecture, or digital marketing
  • Political leverage through the biggest voice in the community
  • Loyal advocates and arms-length lobbying resources
  • Vetted and dedicated board and committee members
  • A volunteer workforce
  • Increased exposure and publicity
  • A positive reputation as being an efficient and high impact organization
  • Accountability to long-term goals and results-oriented outcomes
  • Improved effectiveness and organizational capacity
  • Creative ideas and opportunities
  • Increased donations and grants

It's time to get a competitive edge on your cause. If you haven't considered strategic partnerships or wrote them off as too much work with too little returns, take a peek at the new Partnering for Multiplied Impact guide and see if you can't stir up some inspiration and ideas for win-win opportunities waiting in your community.

In what ways have you already partnered with  businesses? What has been the impact for your cause?